We have always carried e-bikes – pedal bikes with a small electric motor to help you on your way – but now we have many more e-bikes in stock.

A lot of people would like to cycle but are put off by hills or cannot face their relatively long distance commute – an e-bike could be the answer. You still get exercise, but that extra help can get you going further or faster.

All of our bikes should get you to or from a job in Central London (assuming an 8-mile ride) – but we recommend something with a bigger battery if you are cycling daily (eg Raleigh Motus or Captus).

It is well worth riding a number of bikes to get the feel of different systems and frames. Some people prefer the cheaper bikes so it is worth trying at least two.

Lectro Bikes
We have some great Lectro bikes starting from £999 – well under the recommended retail price. These bikes are not as sophisticated as some, but work well and are fun to ride!

Raleigh bikes
We have lots of Raleigh e-bikes in stock including Stardas with the Shimano Steps system and Motus with Bosch Active Line. These bikes are great for riding in town or country for commuting, shopping or leisure.

At the top of the range, we have the Mustang Comp Electric – drop bar bike with light frame and Shimano e-bike system.

The Strada Elite adds a bit of colour to the range!

Other bikes in stock include the folding Stow-e-way.

Test rides available 7 days week
Bring some ID for a test ride – we are open every day. Sorry 14 and over only – under 18’s must be accompanied by someone over 19+

Raleigh bikes can also be bought via the Raleigh website – select delivery via Blue Door Bicycles.

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