Roux Menthe

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An Audax Bike With A Fresh Approach

Audax bikes offer many advantages and ROUX’s Menthe Green road bike offers a fresh approach to a truly classic style.

The Menthe Green offers a fresh approach to an old favourite style with long distance, all day touring with a slightly competitive edge. Like Audax bikes, in design, the Menthe Green goes back to the classic club bike.

The Menthe Green also has a sturdy cro-mo steel frame fitted with reliable components with the focus on comfort and resilience.

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Roux Menthe is a modern classic bike.

Frames: Reynolds tubing and lugs today are replaced by butted Cro-Mo steel and TIG welding. The geometry is designed to be comfortable and sporty.

Forks: Heavy lugged forks have been supplanted by lightweight carbon forks.

Gear Controls: 18 speed Shimano Sora front and rear gears all indexed controlled with the STI brake levers are a far cry from the old friction systems.

Gearing: Compact (34*50) chain rings and a 12-27 wide ratio rear 9 speed cassette give a wide range of gears suitable for climbing tough long hills or high speed tail wind cruising.

Wheels: Triple chamber alloy rims give additional strength without adding excessive weight. Fitted with fast rolling 25mm tyres.

Special Audax Bikes Features: The frame is designed to equip mudguards and the audax bike comes complete with a full set front and rear. Rear carrier mounts are fitted to the frame as standard.

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