//The future… and a SALE

The future… and a SALE

After 97 years, we may be coming to the end of the line as a bike shop. We need to reduce our costs and will either be shrinking or closing this September.

The market for bike shops is changing rapidly – many people prefer to buy online and others expect online prices in store. We understand this – we do not take it personally! However, it does mean that it is no longer possible to run as we have been.

So the future will either be smaller premises with a focus on bike repairs: or if that is not viable we will close. (There is, of course another option if someone wants to buy the stock and take the place over – give me a call!!).

That is all a bit sad – but WE ARE STILL HERE for now so please carry on supporting us. The good news is that whatever happens we will be selling off the current stock – some of it at reduced prices.

Currently we have BIG reductions (up to half price!) on:

Koga Bikes

  • Dawes kids bike
  • folding tyres
  • selected lights
  • waterproof jackets

and more! When these items are gone, they are gone, so don’t hang about. Other items may be discounted over the next couple of months so that we clear the space we need to before the end of the current lease.

Shop equipment and catering stuff

Other the next few months we will be seeking to clear some of the fixtures and fittings from the shop including:

  • clothes display rails
  • clothes hangers
  • slatboard fittings etc
  • display stands for bikes

Let us know if you are interested.

We have several items left from when we operated a coffee shop including:

  • Wega coffee machine
  • Chill display cabinet
  • Fridge
  • Freezer
  • Pedal smoothie maker
  • Juicer

If you or some you know may be in the market, drop me a line as it would be good to get them to a good home!


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