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Bike Adventures

People ride bikes for all kinds of reasons ranging from a cheap way to get to work through to an adventurous way to see the world! Whatever your motivation for getting a bike, adventures are out there for all to take up – almost irrespective of the bike they ride or their level of fitness.

Hardcore adventurers – round the world tourers

There are some people who ride all over the world with their bikes. Mark Beaumont rode round the world on his Koga – part of his adventure was riding at speed.


Others ride more slowly and focus on seeing the view.  I particularly like Iohan Gueorguiv’s videos on You Tube. His adventures are fantastic – if not for the faint hearted : camping on ice is not my idea of fun! Iohan uses a variety of bikes including pretty basic ones to start with.

Adventure riding isn’t just for Men as shown by World Bike Girl AKA Ishbel Holmes.

Cycle Touring – big bike adventures

Darren Alf is another favourite on You Tube. He uses a variety of touring specific bikes to visit both out of the way places and more populated parts.

We were pleased to welcome our UK based tourer Andrew Sykes to  talk to us here in Crystal Palace on a couple of occasions. He has ridden the length and breadth of Europe and written about the experience in three excellent books. He also rides regularly for practical purposes like getting to work!

bike adventures  

Modest Bike Adventures

You don’t have to ride far to have a great adventure. A weekend with a couple of modest rides combined with a train can let you explore an area in detail without needing to be super fit or spend a fortune.

Over the last few years I have cycled to Paris, around the Netherlands across England and through the Outer Hebrides. We used touring bikes and done relatively short distances each day – but adventures and explorations are not dependent on long distances or physical stress!

National Cycle Route Bike Adventures

If you are concerned that you might not be able to do your tour on a standard bike, may be worth considering an e-bike which can take you further with a bit less work. This is particularly helpful if you travel with a partner who is a stronger rider.

Koga E-WorldTraveller

Ebike tourer

Come and talk to us about bike adventures. We have bikes suitable for hard core adventures through to weekend breaks. Open 7 days a week.



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