Squish kids bikes are light. They are also great quality, look good and sensibly priced.  What’s not to like!

Some kids bikes are heavier than the children who are supposed to ride them! They may lead to a new generation of weight lifters but probably not little people with a love of cycling.

Squish comes from the same people responsible for Dawes bikes.  Design is firmly based on the idea that light is good. However, these bikes are not flimsy and if looked after should last many years. They are good to hand down to little sisters or brothers, or to sell on.

Squish kids bikes

The smallest bikes in the range start at 14″ suitable for a 3 or 4 year old. The largest (26 inch wheel 15 inch frame) are suitable for a small adult.

Squish Kids Bikes

Whilst a few bikes may appeal more to one gender than another  – these bikes are not gendered like other brands. There are no ‘girls bikes’ or ‘boys bikes’ – just bikes!

Squish Kids Bikes as Christmas Presents

If you want a great bike for a child this Christmas, these offer fantastic value.

Currently we have most bikes in stock (some are still boxed). You can buy now and collect closer to the big day. We will be open until the morning of Christmas Eve and can store bikes until then if that would be helpful.

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