//Green Commute Initiative

Green Commute Initiative

We are pleased to have signed up to the Green Commute Initiative. We already participate in almost all Cycle To Work schemes – all save employees money and some of them are excellent. Unfortunately they almost always have a £1000 limit which rules out many e-bikes. The Green Commute Initiative has no limits to value – you can buy any bike provided it is suitable for commuting.


The scheme is particularly E-bikes (bikes with an electric motor to help you on you way) allows you to ride further faster. They also allow you to arrive exercised but now sweaty! The Green Commute Initiative gives you access to these bikes without the upfront cost.
Apart from using the bike to get to/from work you can use it at work (eg visiting clients or patients) and at weekends!
Green Commute Initiative
The scheme is easy to access and use – whether you are an employer or employee: Learn more.
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