Koga is a Dutch Bicycle manufacturer established in 1974 to make good quality bikes. Whilst they have been in theUK for many years they are relatively unknown being quite small and spending more on the bikes than marketing. Initially it specialized in working with with Japanese specialists Myata (frame maker) and Shimano (maker of many great bike parts).

Koga Myata

Koga racing bike

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The early bikes were steel. They included road bikes which competed in and won stages on the Tour de France.

You will still find old Koga Myatas out there but Koga no longer work with Myata they get their aluminium frames from elsewhere.

Wide range of bikes

Koga city bike
Koga make everything from touring bikes to high end road bikes and city bikes. Their bikes have been used by the likes of Mark Beaumont for his record breaking rides. They are also used by mere mortals who need to go the shops or to work!

The company make a number of different e-bikes using their own ION system and the Bosch Active Line system. As you would expect these are fantastic quality.

When the company started it used innovative Japanese components. These are still on offer but they also now offer relatively unusual non Japanese options such at the Nuvini and Rohloff gear systems on some of their bikes.

Koga ebike

Koga Signature Range

The Signature Range gives you the customer the option of customize the bike at the factory. You pick key components to make the bike your own. There is an online system you can experiment with and when you are ready you make a provisional order and a dealer (such as Blue Door Bicycles) discusses it with you before you make a deposit and the bike is ordered.

Koga Signature

The Signature Range includes a heavy duty touring bike, a lighter faster tourer and an e-bike. Like all Koga bikes they are actually built by one mechanic in the factory in the Netherlands who signs their name when the bike is ready.

We have a number of bikes in store if you would like to test ride.

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