Rolhoff Gears are rather special. They offer a robust alternative to derailleurs for touring bikes and now come with an electric option to work with Bosch ebikes.

What is a Rolhoff hub?

It is a hub gear system designed to allow you to change the ratio between pedal rotations and rear wheel rotations. You want  more rotations when you are going up slopes than on the level or going down. The key moving parts are in the rear wheel hub (hence ‘hub gear’).

Hub gears have been around for years – they pre-date derailleur gears – but traditionally they have been fairly limited in the number and range of the gears. The Rohloff Speedhub is a hub gear which offers a very wide range of gears  and an evenly spaced 14 gear ratio options!

Made in Germany the mechanics are complicated (to put it mildly!) but for those who what to find out more there is a You Tube Video. For those not interested in the technicalities, the key features are:

  • the system is robust and protected inside a tough shell – no vulnerable derailleur to get knocks or caked in mud
  • one shifter – simple to use
  • equal steps between each gear
  • wider range than the typical derailleur set up
  • large hub means shorter spokes – means stronger wheel
  • straight chain line with single speed chain means long chain life
  • disc brake and belt drive versions available
  • almost maintenance free – oil needs changing from time to time.

Typically the Rolhoff is fitted to high end touring bicycles like the Koga Worldtraveller-S.

Rohloff Gears Koga World Traveller

What is the Speedhub E14?

The Speedhub E14 adds electronic shifting to the Speedhub Rohloff Gears. The system synchronizes the shift with the Bosch motor so the power drops when you shift. You can shift one gear at a time – or press and hold to shift 3 gears at a time.


This system is fitted to the Koga E-Worldtraller-S

Koga E-Worldtraveller with Rohloff Gears

Find out more

The Rohloff website contains loads more about these great hub gear systems.

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