Some of us ride every day to work, school or for other practical reasons. Others tend to think of themselves as ‘fair weather cyclists’ for pleasure and put the bike or e-bike away at the end of September – I think that is a mistake!

Autumn is a good time to get out on your bike

OK, the days are not as long and it is cooler (sometimes colder!) but actually, most of the time, the weather is pretty good for cycling. The roads tend to be a bit quieter too.

Autumn brings new colour to the coutryside. Reds, oranges and browns of trees add a variety to the view. When you get a bright blue sky – that’s a bonus and you don’t need to worry about sunburn!

Autumn bike ride

Being prepared

As a bike shop owner you might expect me to try to say you need loads of special stuff to enjoy riding your bike in the autumn. The truth is you primarily need just one thing – a bike!

However, you can enjoy the ride a bit more if you go prepared and I would suggest considering the following (all of which we sell):

  • sun glasses – they can be helpful with low sun conditions
  • waterproofs – it probably won’t rain, but it might
  • puncture stuff – spare tube, levers and pump (spanner if you don’t have a quick release). If you have good tyres you will be unlucky to need these
  • lock – so you can leave your bike safely when you go in the tea shop
  • basic tools – multi-tool usually covers most things
  • gloves – especially if you are starting early when it is likely to be cooler.

Need inspiration?

There are ideas on where you can ride on the Sustrans website . Cycling UK also has 140 hand picked routes chosen by members to celebrate their 140th anniversary. Alternatively, just get a map and look for some quieter roads and explore. If you want to travel further afield you can always take the train one way (beware of  restrictions on taking your bike on the train though!).


Seen on an autumn ride in Warwickshire October 2018

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